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Bulk processing, List lookups and API in one easy step!
Lowest prices in Internet!
Starting from 3.50 USD per 100,000 urls
and going down to 3.00 USD per 100,000 urls
Seo Rank API will be useful for sites and applications
processing speed is about 35 requests per 1 minute
List lookups will be useful for manual lookups
with not more than 300 urls per one lookup
processing speed is about 25 urls per 1 minute
Bulk processing will be useful for processing up
to 2 millions urls per file during "short time"
processing speed is about 700,000 urls per day
Free trial for 100 urls (valid for all tools)
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Information about random domain:
Domain Authority:94.4
Page Authority:70.6
Moz Rank: 5.8
Links In: 13138
Citation Flow: 80
Trust Flow: 73
ExtBackLinks: 66118405
RefDomains: 419774
Alexa Rank: 154
Alexa Links number: 127414
Alexa Country: US
Alexa Country Rank: 87
SemRush Domain:
SemRush Rank: 37
SemRush Keywords num: 18155168
SemRush Traffic: 45278562
SemRush Costs: 33469067
SemRush URL Links num: 35681
SemRush HOST Links num: 267990
SemRush DOMAIN Links num: 29705419
Moz Spam Score: 0

Full list of data that you getting from our service:

Domain Authority (DA) - number from 1 to 100 (higher - better) provided by Moz and predicts how DOMAIN will be ranked on search engines, DA linked with link counts, MozRank, MozTrust scores and other data.
Page Authority (PA) - number from 1 to 100 (higher - better) provided by Moz and predicts how URL will be ranked on search engines, PA linked with link counts, MozRank, MozTrust and other data.
Moz Rank (MozRank) - represents a link popularity score that showing the importance of given web page on the Internet.
Links In (Links) - number of links (equity or nonequity or not, internal and external) to the URL (data provided by Moz).
External Equity Links (Equity) - number of external equity links to the URL (data provided by Moz).

Alexa Rank (a_rank) - global Alexa rank of domain.
Alexa Links number (a_links) - number of links to domain.
Alexa Country (a_cnt) - ISO2 code of country where domain is the most popular.
Alexa Country Rank (a_cnt) - Alexa Rank of domain in country where it is popular.

SemRush Domain (sr_domain) - domain that was taken by SemRush from url for analysis.
SemRush Rank (sr_rank) - rank of domain according to SemRush.
SemRush Keywords number (sr_kwords) - number of keywords where site in Google's organic search top 100.
SemRush Traffic (sr_traffic) - number of users expected to visit the website during the following month.
SemRush Costs (sr_costs) - estimated price of organic keywords in Google AdWords.
SemRush URL Links number (sr_ulinks) - number of links to URL according to SemRush.
SemRush HOSTNAME Links number (sr_hlinks) - number of links to HOSTNAME.
SemRush DOMAIN Links number (sr_dlinks) - number of links to SemRush Domain .

Spam Score (spam) - number from 0 to 17, highest number means highest percent of sites that contains link to url but penalized or banned by Google.

You can also try to get this metrics, but they are 100% accessible only when you uploading urls as file:
Citation Flow (CF) - number from 0 to 100 (higher is better), it displaying how influential a URL might be based on how many sites link to it.
Trust Flow (TF) - number from 0 to 100 (higher is better), it displaying how trustworthy a page is based on how trustworthy sites tend to link to trustworthy neighbors.
ExtBackLinks (EBL) - number of external backlinks to current URL (data provided by Majestic).
Refered Domains (RefD) - number of domains with pages that refered to url
Getting Domain Authority, Page Authority, Links In, SemRush and Alexa metrics in one easy step!
Lastest news:
02 Nov 2017 Access to Spam Score data is restored, 100% of service working.
10 Oct 2017 (FIXED) Processing of files was stopped to 10 hours, it happens because of issue with one of our servers.
13 Sep 2017 (FIXED) We have problem with one of our servers because of data center. This issue is the reason of big percent of "unknown" results.
19 Aug 2017 Alexa metrics was not accessible during few hours, but we did fixes according to Alexa changes and it working fine now.
11 Jun 2017 File size being to be limited with 180 Mb, we also asking to split files with more than 4,000,000 urls into smaller files.
01 Jun 2017 Fix for situation when MOZ and Majestic data was selected for output but MOZ data was "unknown".
04 Mar 2017 Added API for bulk processing, you can find documenation here.
10 Feb 2017 We finished beta testing for Majestic data for files and fixed some bugs that caused "unknown" data in results.
19 Jan 2017 MOZ fixed issue and MOZ data working fine.
19 Jan 2017 Data from MOZ is temporary not available, it happens because of issue with MOZ site, they trying to fix this.
17 Jan 2017 Fixed issue with API when http error was returned instead of Majestic's data. (it was randomly and only during last 24 hours)
16 Jan 2017 According to illegal activity - we decreased numebr of urls for free trial from 200 to 100.
10 Jan 2017 Beta testing "Majestic's data for bulk" started! We will try to provide data to each uploaded url, but please be ready that it will work slow.
31 Dec 2016 Announcement: starting from 9 of Jan we starting beta testing of Majestic data for bulk (data will be accessible for each uploaded url).
15 Dec 2016 We added ability to choose data for bulk processing, lowest amount of data means faster processing.
05 Dec 2016 We added External Equity Links (equity) from Moz, documentation and site info will be updated a little later. (requested by customers)
28 Nov 2016 Few hours ago Alexa stopped to return data about "country where domain is the most popular". (already working)
06 Nov 2016 Today percent of unknown Spam Score is higher, it going because of troubles on Moz.
29 Oct 2016 Beta testing of Spam Score started. We added ability for choose what data will be processed for API request (API "version 2").
20 Oct 2016 MozRank added, working on add Moz SpamScore and on new bulk processor for Majestic.
16 Oct 2016 Changed design for list processing tool, added Alexa and SemRush data.
15 Oct 2016 Price was increased, Alexa and SumRush was added to API and bulk processor (list processor and demo will be updated soon).
14 Oct 2016 Bulk processing tool is very slow now because of problems with Majestic data and lots of files in queue.
10 Oct 2016 Majestic keep slowing down our service. We starting beta test of Alexa and SemRush data.
06 Oct 2016 Problems with Majestic data, it is 15% chance to get random data. We working on solution for this.
05 Oct 2016 We trying to add data from Alexa and SemRash, so pls be ready to new fields in output.
22 Sep 2016 Service was stopped because of problem with Majestic data and restored 12 hours later. All is working now.
12 Sep 2016 We increase number of possible simultaneous connections to API from 3 to 5, list processing speed is also a little higher.
15 Aug 2016 MOZ: "We will be performing planned maintenance on Thursday, August 18th beginning at 12AM Central Time, during 1 hour".
13 Aug 2016 API processing speed is increased, bulk processor continue to be overloaded (we keep getting lots of new files during every day).
08 Aug 2016 Moz continue having issue, our bulk processor overloaded with big number of files.
05 Aug 2016 Moz having some troubles with access to data (not our fault), but it temporary decrease processing speed.
01 Aug 2016 We changed prices for customers who processed more than 2 millions urls, and keep working on speed up bulk processing.
27 Jul 2016 Illegal activity with free trial continue to be up, so free trial for new customers will include processing of 200 urls only.
26 Jul 2016 Free trial will be for 400 urls (for new customers) and for 1000 urls - for already registered customers.