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Free page and domain authority, trust and citation flow checker.

This is free online demo of: page authority checker (pa checker), da checker (domain authority checker), backlinks checker, citation flow checker and trust flow checker.
Domain Authority (DA) - number from 1 to 100 (higher - better) provided by Moz and predicts how DOMAIN will be ranked on search engines.
Page Authority (PA) - number from 1 to 100 (higher - better) provided by Moz and predicts how URL will be ranked on search engines.
Moz Rank (MozRank) - represents a link popularity score that showing the importance of given web page on the Internet.
Links In (Links) - number of links (internal and external) to the URL (data provided by Moz).
External Equity Links (Equity) - number of external equity links to the URL (data provided by Moz).
We providing actual MOZ data even when data from "site explorer" is out of date.

Alexa Rank (a_rank) - global Alexa rank of domain.
ALexa Links number (a_links) - number of links to domain.
Alexa Country (a_cnt) - ISO2 code of country where domain is the most popular.
Alexa Country Rank (a_cnt) - Alexa Rank of domain in country where it is popular.

SemRush Domain (sr_domain) - domain that was taken by SemRush from url for analysis.
SemRush Rank (sr_rank) - rank of domain according to SemRush.
SemRush Keywords number (sr_kwords) - number of keywords where site in Google's organic search top 100.
SemRush Traffic (sr_traffic) - number of users expected to visit the website during the following month.
SemRush Costs (sr_costs) - estimated price of organic keywords in Google AdWords.
SemRush URL Links number (sr_ulinks) - number of links to URL according to SemRush.
SemRush HOSTNAME Links number (sr_hlinks) - number of links to HOSTNAME.
SemRush DOMAIN Links number (sr_dlinks) - number of links to SemRush Domain .

Our service prividing this data for free and just in one click!!!
You also need to know that processing speed linked with amount of data that you selected for display - lower amount means faster response.
Pls use paid version for avoid our limits.
Example of output data:

Free trial is closed because of abuse from multiple IPs, please create account for access free trial (no card required).

Forget about limits! Start to use FULL version of service in one easy step!
Lastest news:
18 Nov: Starting from 18 of Nov price to "API to Majestic (getting data instantly)" will be 0.15 USD per 1000 urls.
7 Nov: We started to accept Bitcoins.
4 Nov: Little fixes for Ahrefs processing.
9 Oct: We updated API for files and added ability to upload files for Ahrefs processing.
3 Oct: Bulk processing of Ahrefs data is available for every body, initial price is 52.5 USD per 100k urls.
We continue beta testing, ahrefs will be available only "from times to times", processing speed is slow.
13 Sep: Prices page was simplified. Beta testing of Facebook metrics is successfully finished.
10 Sep: Price for MOZ processing was increased and is from 35 to 30 USD per 100k urls (accourding to account discount level).
19 Aug: We removed documentation for APIv1. It will continue to work but we advice to use APIv2 instead.
14 Aug: Added possibility to save results after list lookup into CSV file.
13 Aug: Access to Facebook (beta version) over APIv2 and bulk processing was released. It can stop to work in any time.
13 Aug: Released Beta version of access to Facebook comments, shares and reactions.
24 June: Starting from 1 of July we starting to remove all files and reports that are older then 15 days from moment when processing was finished (was 30 days).
9 June: Price for MOZ processing was increased and now is between 24.5 USD and 21 USD.
6 May: Increased stability of tool for list processing.
26 April: Unfortunately, access to MOZ metric is disabled until 1 of May, price for MOZ processing is increased again.
19 April: price for each MOZ processing will be tree times higher. Interfaces for API and bulk processing will not be changed.
2 Apr: We currently trying alternative way for process MOZ data, data will be the same accurate but processing will be much slower.
15 March: MOZ informed us about possible change of price for our processing after 29 of March.