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Price for per DA PA MozRank CF TF and Links lookup

Initial price is 3.50 USD per 100,000 lookups.
One lookup means processing of one your url and returnings data:
MOZ Domain Authority (da), MOZ Page Authority (pa), MOZ Links In (links), MOZ External Equity Links (equity),
Alexa Rank (a_rank), ALexa Links number (a_links), Alexa Country (a_cnt), Alexa Country Rank (a_cnt),
SemRush Domain (sr_domain), SemRush Rank (sr_rank), SemRush Keywords number (sr_kwords), SemRush Traffic (sr_traffic), SemRush Costs (sr_costs), SemRush URL Links number (sr_ulinks), SemRush HOSTNAME Links number (sr_hlinks), SemRush DOMAIN Links number (sr_dlinks).
Sometimes you can also get:
Majestic Citation Flow (cf), Majestic Trust Flow (tf), Majestic ExtBackLinks (ebl), Majestic Refered Domains (refd).

It is important to know that if at least one MOZ metric is "unknown" or if error happens - you not paying for this processing. So if our output data contains MOZ metrics - our system taking money for this processing, even if Majestic, SemRush, Alexa and Spam Score data was not available.
We providing bulk lookup (need to upload file), API (one-by-one lookup) and list lookup.


Your discount based on number of Urls that processed through your account.
If you processed more than 2 millions, your price will be 3.40 USD per 100,000 urls.
If you processed more than 7 millions, your price will be 3.30 USD per 100,000 urls.
If you processed more than 13 millions, your price will be 3.20 USD per 100,000 urls.
If you processed more than 20 millions, your price will be 3.10 USD per 100,000 urls.
If you processed more than 30 millions, your price will be 3.00 USD per 100,000 urls.
So when number of processed urls growth - price going down from 3.50 USD to 3.00 USD per 100,000 urls.
Pls note that discount prices and discount conditions can be changed if we will change "initial price", current prices are very cheap!.

Price calculator

Pls Login for get more accurate price result.
Pls input number of urls that you want to process:
Getting Domain Authority, Page Authority, Links In, Citation Flow and Trust Flow in one easy step!
Lastest news:
19 Apr 2018 MOZ changed some network settings and that was the reason why all bulk processing for MOZ was suspended. Problem is already fixed.
02 Nov 2017 Access to Spam Score data is restored, 100% of service working.
10 Oct 2017 (FIXED) Processing of files was stopped to 10 hours, it happens because of issue with one of our servers.
13 Sep 2017 (FIXED) We have problem with one of our servers because of data center. This issue is the reason of big percent of "unknown" results.
19 Aug 2017 Alexa metrics was not accessible during few hours, but we did fixes according to Alexa changes and it working fine now.
11 Jun 2017 File size being to be limited with 180 Mb, we also asking to split files with more than 4,000,000 urls into smaller files.
01 Jun 2017 Fix for situation when MOZ and Majestic data was selected for output but MOZ data was "unknown".
04 Mar 2017 Added API for bulk processing, you can find documenation here.
10 Feb 2017 We finished beta testing for Majestic data for files and fixed some bugs that caused "unknown" data in results.
19 Jan 2017 MOZ fixed issue and MOZ data working fine.
19 Jan 2017 Data from MOZ is temporary not available, it happens because of issue with MOZ site, they trying to fix this.
17 Jan 2017 Fixed issue with API when http error was returned instead of Majestic's data. (it was randomly and only during last 24 hours)
16 Jan 2017 According to illegal activity - we decreased numebr of urls for free trial from 200 to 100.
10 Jan 2017 Beta testing "Majestic's data for bulk" started! We will try to provide data to each uploaded url, but please be ready that it will work slow.