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General information

MOZ, Alexa, SemRush and metrics are accessible over: bulk lookup tool (need to upload file), api (one-by-one processing) and list lookup.
Majestic data are accessible over: bulk lookup tool, APIv3 (one-by-one processing).
Ahrefs data is under beta testing and is accessible only "from times to times" and only over bulk lookup tool (beta testing, available only through bulk processing).


Data processing and initial prices per 100k urls.

Alexa - 3.5 USD.
SemRush - 3.5 USD.
- 3.5 USD.
Alexa + SemRush - 3.5 USD.
Alexa + - 3.5 USD.
SemRush + - 3.5 USD.
MOZ - 35 USD.
MOZ + Alexa - 35 USD.
MOZ + SemRush - 35 USD.
MOZ + - 35 USD.
MOZ + Alexa + SemRush - 35 USD.
MOZ + Alexa + - 35 USD.
MOZ + SemRush + - 35 USD.
MOZ + Alexa + SemRush + - 35 USD.
Majestic - 7 USD.
Ahrefs - 52.5 USD.

Customer do not pays for processing of url where MOZ or Majestic or Ahrefs data was with "unknown" status.
MOZ/Alexa/SemRush/, Majestic and Ahrefs are implemented into our system under different processors, that is why it is not possible to select this data for output simultaneously.
We asking to understand that we taking data from data provider and this is why our price can be changed at any moment.
Example: If customer need MOZ and Majestic data then customer need to upload file twice, first time select MOZ, second time select Majestic, price will be 35 + 7 USD per 100,000 urls.


Your price based on amount of urls that processed through your account.
For processing that including MOZ metric price going from 35 USD to 30 USD per 100,000 urls.
For processing that do not including MOZ but including Alexa/SemRush/ metrics price going from 3.50 USD to 3.00 USD per 100,000 urls.
For Majestic processing price going from 7.00 USD to 6.00 USD per 100,000 urls.
Price is decreased automatically after 2 millions, 7 millions, 13 millions, 20 millions and 30 millions of processed urls.
Examples of prices for Alexa/SemRush processing:
if customer processed more than 2 millions, your price will be 3.40 USD per 100,000 urls
more than 7 millions - 3.30 USD
more than 13 millions - 3.20 USD
more than 20 millions - 3.10 USD
more than 30 millions - 3.00 USD.
In case if "initial price" is updated - discounted price will be also updated.

Price calculator

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Get data from MOZ, Alexa, SemRush, Facebook, Majestic and Ahrefs in one easy step!
Lastest news:
2 Sep 2020: Decreased percent of "unknown" results for Alexa data in case of "unpopular" domains.
26 Aug 2020: Fix for main page load speed. Ahrefs processing is restored, but processing is very slow and is available only through bulk processing.
25 Aug 2020: We replaced server that was the reason of "unknown" results and slow processing of API.
4 May 2020: Fixed problem with authorization on site (problem appears on weekend, API was not affected).
7 Apr 2020: Algorithm for Majestic processing was improved, processing going faster and with lower amount of "unknown" results.
18 Nov 2019: Starting from 18 of Nov price to "API to Majestic (getting data instantly)" will be 0.15 USD per 1000 urls.
7 Nov 2019: We started to accept Bitcoins.
4 Nov 2019: Little fixes for Ahrefs processing.
9 Oct 2019: We updated API for files and added ability to upload files for Ahrefs processing.
3 Oct 2019: Bulk processing of Ahrefs data is available for every body, initial price is 52.5 USD per 100k urls.
We continue beta testing, ahrefs will be available only "from times to times", processing speed is slow.
13 Sep 2019: Prices page was simplified. Beta testing of Facebook metrics is successfully finished.
10 Sep 2019: Price for MOZ processing was increased and is from 35 to 30 USD per 100k urls (accourding to account discount level).
19 Aug 2019: We removed documentation for APIv1. It will continue to work but we advice to use APIv2 instead.
14 Aug 2019: Added possibility to save results after list lookup into CSV file.
13 Aug 2019: Access to Facebook (beta version) over APIv2 and bulk processing was released. It can stop to work in any time.
13 Aug 2019: Released Beta version of access to Facebook comments, shares and reactions.
24 June 2019: Starting from 1 of July we starting to remove all files and reports that are older then 15 days from moment when processing was finished (was 30 days).
9 June 2019: Price for MOZ processing was increased and now is between 24.5 USD and 21 USD.
6 May 2019: Increased stability of tool for list processing.
26 April 2019: Unfortunately, access to MOZ metric is disabled until 1 of May, price for MOZ processing is increased again.
19 April 2019: price for each MOZ processing will be tree times higher. Interfaces for API and bulk processing will not be changed.